Projects You Can Do Using Concrete

Concrete projects are fun thing to do yourself. If you have the right tools and you have the basic knowledge on how to use concrete for your next project. Yu have to remember to always put safety at the forefront of any projects. It is one of the most important things to ensure because wounding yourself for that matter is not something you and be happy with.

Here you will learn some of the concrete projects you can do on your own free time. So, get your materials ready.

DIY Terrarium

You can make the base of a terrarium using concrete. The great thing about this is that you are able to decide on the size of the base. You can also get you glass first then make the base. If you like the look of a terrarium in your home then this is the way to do it.

Interesting planters

If you don’t have a lot of garden space but really want one for your home making a planter for your plant friends would be a start. There are many that you can buy from stores but where is the fun in that. If you can get away with it, make one and have fun that way too.

Whimsical structures

You might also like whimsical structures in your garden or around the house. If you have the mold for it you can totally make one. You can use giant hands, trees and other stuff to make of it. Concrete has an industrial vibe to it however in the right setting it can add to the charm of the place.

Small tables or chairs

This one is another easy and pretty creation. Only need to grab the chair or table leg you are going to use. Get a mold for the tabletop or chair top. Pour in your concrete then stick in your chair legs or table legs. Make sure that everything is stable and symmetrical so that it won’t look loopy.

When everything is dry you can take it off from the mold and paint or stain the legs and you have a pretty bedside table or stool to use.

Lamp and Candle Holders

If you like lights you may want to consider getting lamps or candle holders. If you have been to the home department of a shopping center you know that it can become expensive pretty fast. However if you are willing to wait and make the effort then you can have one for a fraction of the price.

You may need to make the molds for the lamp and holder but there are countless things you can choose from for it.

Remember when you are working with any material in any place you should always remember that you should put the safety of yourself and of everything first. You don’t want to have any fatal wounds at the end of it. However, since this is concrete, you would probably be safe about it.

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