Importance of Trimming Young Trees for Better Structure

We always love the look of our timely pruned mature trees and shrubs. They are crisp, have a clean cut, as well as ready to grow a much healthier canopy. However, do you know that newly planted, or young trees also like to be pruned or trimmed?  


Why Is It Important to Prune Young Trees?  

Newly planted or young trees actually need help in finding the right way during their early years. Thus, without proper guidance, young trees can definitely be able to start branching out or growing in the wrong direction. This is the reason why it’s highly recommended that you also prune young trees in order to make sure that they grow healthily as well as to provide them with a much stable structure.   

While forest trees tend to compete for natural rays of sunshine in close quarters, trees in the urban area have plenty of sunlight and sometimes they have it all to themselves. Young or newly planted trees soak up the sun happily, causing them to grow multiple branches that tend to compete with one another in order to become the leader.   

As a matter of fact, despite having a lot of strong branches, this also makes the tree much weaker. This is due to the fact that without having a defined trunk, a tree will lack the mainframe needed in order to withstand harsh weather conditions including storm damage. In addition to that, this can also cause future problems in your residential and commercial property especially in your house or commercial building structure that can be very expensive to repair, costing you a lot of money in the long run.  

How to Train Young Trees Through Proper Pruning   

In order to make a wide room for the leading tree limb, professional and highly skilled tree trimming and pruning service providers choose a central branch that is free of any damage, defects or wounds. After that, they then identify competing stems to remove or shorten in order to make sure that the tree will have a healthy growth.  

Furthermore, ridding your tree of any rival branches is called subordinate or structural pruning. The main goal of this method is to encourage the leader of the tree to grow healthily through trimming any competing branches. In fact, training a young or newly planted tree to grow in the right way is very quick and simple. Plus, this basic step can usually help prevent any damaging or expensive structural corrections in the long run.  

As always, before you try to do this task on your own, it is very important that you consult your preferred local professional tree trimming or pruning company yet in order to avoid long-term or severe damage due to an improper cut. The rule of thumb here is that there should be no more than 25 percent of the company removed at a time. Since this is not an easy thing to do, we always recommend that you hire a professional and highly trained tree service professional in order to receive a high-quality tree trimming in Peoria 



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